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Creating a better living by connecting people with sports


Run for Good is a Creating Shared Value (CSV) project incubated by New World Development, aims to connect people with sports. 
We believe, people gain better living by participating sports event as participants, supporters or simply appreciate the event as spectators. With more people engaging in sports, we create a world with more appreciation and energy.


  • Team Anser by Run for Good (逢星期二)
    逢星期二 Every Tuesday
    Ma On Shan Sports Ground Car Park
    逢星期二 Every Tuesday
    Ma On Shan Sports Ground Car Park, 2 Hang Hong St, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong
    Anser(飛雁),群居動物,遷徙時以V字隊形集體飛行,此隊形可以飛得更快更遠!這亦是周子雁成立Team Anser的初心,希望透過跑步,大家一同流汗、付出、交流,可以開心健康地跑得更快更遠!



We also provide other services including the Team Building Programmes and Experiential Learning Certification for Corporate Trainers Programme to companies. We aim to connect the colleagues at your company together for a better team with team building activities. 

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